Best F2P MMORPG Game List

Soon you’ll find a list of the best MMORPG Games in this list.

These are games which you can play directly in your browser. Most of the time they are free to play. But there may be in-game stuff which you can buy. Be it faster leveling, items to improve faster or be stronger, or in-game gold to buy other things like skins. In example we have League of Legends, which isn’t a browsergame, but a good example that Gaming Companies still can make a lot of money by being free. At LOL you just have to pay if you want faster leveling, or if you want to buy some cool skins. Riot Games, the company behind LeagueofLegends, made a revenue of $624 Millions just in 2013. Nowadays it should be much more, as the popularity is growing strong.

Top F2p 10 MMORPGs in the year 2015
– Final Fantasy XIV
– Archlord 2
– League of Legends
– Drakensang Online
– Die Siedler Online
– Heroes of The Banner
– Star Trek Online
– Wizard101
– Forge of Empires
– Tribal Wars 2

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